Twas the night before Christmas


A few years ago on Christmas Eve, I had the privilege of reciting ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ at my church’s services. It was such a delight to be asked and I really wanted to live up to that honor.   I practiced and recited…every car ride, every shower.  While doing my hair. I wanted to know it back and forth.  Upside down, even.  And by the time Christmas Eve came around, I was prepared. The rehearsal went flawless and as our church filled up to standing room only, I was ready. The lights dimmed, except for one spotlight on me.  All my practicing paid off-it was jolly in all the right places and just the right amount of drama in others.  You could have heard a pin drop-even the children were mesmerized. It was lovely.  Until….

The most popular and quoted line of the entire poem; “And to all a good night.” I stumbled. I broke. Who does that?  A flawless rendition, until the most famous line of all.

Tonight at our Christmas Women’s Life, we wanted to bring that delightful old poem back. (Fun fact-this poem was first published anonymously in 1823 as ‘A visit from St. Nicholas !) It’s been several years since that Christmas Eve, but if I am being honest, it still stings a little. Not sure I am ready to go there again. But what I could do is read it while playing a fun game we play most every year for our ladies Christmas event.

I call this “The Passing Game” but no doubt it goes by many names.

The rules are simple…have your guests sit in a circle, give several a wrapped gift (depending on the size of your group can determine how many gifts you have), then have your guests listen while your host reads your “Passing Game” story.  Your story can be anything, about anything. Just make sure there are plenty of “rights” and “lefts” and any other directions your creativity can come up with. If you say “left” your guests pass their gift to the left.  And on it goes, until your story is over.  Whoever is holding the gift when your story ends, is the proud recipient. Pretty simple, but generally fills the room with fun and laughter.

If you need a fun game for your party, event or gathering, this is a great group game.

And if it happens to be Christmas time, and you are after a Christmas themed passing story, I have included my rendition of “Twas the Night Before Christmas”. I certainly hope Clement Clarke Moore doesn’t mind that I added a bit to his wonderful and famous poem.


I hope you have a fun and happy holiday season.