"Sweetie, you smell."

My 10 or 11-year-old self will forever remember the day I was standing in line at Payless Drug with my mom, when she quietly leaned over and whispered in my ear, "sweetie, you smell."

Harsh, perhaps. But the story of my life, definitely.

Turns out, I am a high acidic woman. And apparently have been since puberty. Lucky me…and lucky everyone who gets too close.

At various times during my life, it has been worse than others-puberty, monthly cycles, pregnancy.  And listen, I have tried it all. Expensive deodorant. Cheap antiperspirant. I have dabbed witch hazel under my arm, gone care-free the way God made me, sprinkled baby powder. I walked around smelling like an easter egg for 3 days once when someone told me I should try apple cider vinegar.  If it's out there, I have tried it.

But y'all, this new stage of life, pre-menopause, has seriously been the worst.

I wake up every morning literally sad for my husband who has the joyous pleasure of sleeping next to me. I am self-conscious when people stand too close. 

Which is exactly the reason why I was standing in the deodorant aisle at Wal*Mart desperately searching Google for something, anything that I hadn't already tried.

I came across this article Best Deodorant for Women-2018. The "2018" caught my eye. Perhaps there was some new magic something I hadn't tried yet? The first 3 choices listed, Wal*mart didn't sell.  And because I was at Wal*mart and I was desperate, I kept scrolling until I found one they did sell. And much to my delight, I found this one.  I felt pretty confident it wasn't going to be any more rewarding than anything else I had tried, but I was desperate and I was willing to try.


Now listen, I have never rated a product before (seriously, not even on Amazon, even though they are persistent in asking.  I know, I know.  I should and I keep telling myself I will start). And I have never blogged about a product before.  And I am in NO WAY affiliated.  

I am just a surprised and happy customer.  For the first time since that fateful day at Payless Drug, I have found something that keeps my odor down. I can yawn and stretch like a normal person when I wake up without worrying that my poor hubby will pass out. When people walk up to me, I can resist the urge to take a  quick sniff.

But guess, what?  If I did take a sniff, I would be pleasantly surprised.

Thank you, Dove. And my darling, thanks you too.

And if you are a high acidic woman, and have been looking for help. Give this a try.  You just might soon be thanking them too.