How to write a blog-for reals.

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I have written hundreds of blogs.  Maybe thousands.  They have all been filled with tidbits of wisdom, witty antidotes and loads of inspiration. They have had images that make one smile. A call to action that was clear. Readers walked away feeling a little lighter and filled with hope.

The problem is…they have all been in my head.

Confession time…this my very first time of putting my 7th grade typing skills to use and actually writing a blog. And I am going to hit “submit” when I am finished-I really am.

Why haven’t I done it before, you ask? That is a very great question.  The answer-I am regular. Normal. What do I have to offer the world that isn’t already out there? Who would be inspired by a 45 year old “blogger” who is just now publishing her first blog?

So what made me finally do it? It hit me recently that perhaps there are many “regulars” out there that long to do something and just don’t feel it will be any more amazing than anything else that is available to us at a click of a button (or even better, a voice command.)  Here is the very real truth-only YOU are YOU. Only ME is ME (is that the right grammar?) We are the lead characters in our stories. We are the heroes and the villains.  We are the Mary Berry’s in our kitchens (my hubby is addicted to the Great British Bake Off) We are the Adam Levine’s while singing in our showers. We are the Joanna Gaines in creating a home that makes us happy to be in. We are we.

So, how do you write a blog? To steal from my favorite running shoe, just do it.  Just do it. 

Yes, there is an incredible amount of helpful tips and ideas out there. We can spend hours reading and researching. I know, I have done it.  And I think we should glean from others. I really do.  I have come across some very helpful content.  I particularly appreciated this and this (the for beginners in the title, caught my eye on this one).  I am grateful for the wisdom of others.  But wisdom does us nothing, unless we apply it, yes? Knowing how is great-it’s even better when we do it.

So how do you write a blog-Just do it.

Talk to me people-what is it that you long to do? When you lie in bed at night and dream that secret dream, what is it that you dream of? What is stopping you? Come on-only you are you. You’ve got what it takes. We are in this together-Lets do it.



I know there are a lot of talented writers out there, who have worked HARD to get an education, to hone their talent: who has done the hard work. If you are one of them, please, please know this article is in no way meant to discredit you . I applaud you.  I am grateful for you. I have more than likely read your work. (If I haven’t, I would love to-send me a link) This article isn’t for you. It’s for the me’s, the regulars. The afraids.