I almost threw this sweet little lamp away


This sweet little lamp almost went in the garbage... it wasn't even worth donating.

I am supposed to be getting my office a little more user friendly; a little more organized so I can use it and quit taking over our entire home.

Let me back track a bit.  Just so you know where I am coming from. I left my job in corporate America a couple months ago and have started working from home. And when I mean from home-I mean our entire home. Our living room floor is piled with packing supplies.  My kitchen counters are covered in wax and really cool (if I don't say so myself) rusty tin cans.  Our book shelves have projects in various stages of completion. Even my car is subject to the chaos.  My back seat is constantly covered in these incredible thrift store finds. 

Today was the day I was going to get it together. I have an office space.  I am just not using it. It is too dark. And it isn't very  pretty. And not very user friendly. So today, was it. We needed our home back. I hauled a great dresser from my favorite thrift store home with me and gave it some needed attention. I got out my trusty label maker and got to work. I didn't mean to get side tracked, I really didn't.


But this lamp. It just wasn't right and I wanted to get it there. (So sorry-I had already started painting the base in this photo, so you really can't get the full affect of the lamp. But let me assure you. It was dark and dingy and screamed of the charming 90's) I painted the base with some left over paint from my kitchen make-over. I added some chalk paint here and there for some extra love. I was feeling all right until I realized the shade. The. Shade.

It didn't come off. No seriously. I know you are thinking "Sure it does. They all come off." I know. But not this one.  It really didn't. I went upstairs for a cup of coffee and to think a bit.  What to do, what to do?  I have painted a shade before and wasn't really impressed with the final outcome.  I could re-cover it but that takes tooo long and you have to be exact.  And I wasn't feeling patient. I just wanted it cute so I could move on with the real purpose for the day. 

I went to my all knowing Pinterst and actually came up pretty empty. I ate a peppermint cookie, stalled and thought some more. And then I said to myself, "Self. You are digressing from what you need to do.  The lamp doesn't make or break the room. Move on."

And because I can be wise from time to time, I listened to my pep talk. And moved on. I started in on a cute little flour sack pillow, because of course that does make or break the room.  Can't have an organized space without one of those.

I actually went back for the lamp and went to throw it away. I didn't even deem it worth donating because I kinda broke the shade trying to get it off. (Honestly, it really didn't come off.) And that is when inspiration hit.  Last year, I was at Hobby Lobby with my sweet mom and she bought me this really big, cushy yarn and the big needle. I was disappointed in how the yarn looked crocheted, so it was just laying there, neglected and sad in the bottom of my yarn basket.  But I remembered it and thought to myself. I wonder....


What if I glued it on to the shade? Would it be adorable or.... not so much? For me, inspiration like this can go either way. But this time, I am going with adorable. And it wasn't complicated. I literally added tacky glue and went round and round. Took 3 minutes.

And now, It's all snowy and wintery and very, very cute. And not destined for the landfill.

Now that the fundamentals of an organized office space are in place (pillows and lamps, of course) I can get on with making it a usable, friendly space and give my patient husband back our home.

What amazing thing have you created, or accomplished while you were supposed to be focusing on something else?