How To Get What You Really Want

I have a deep, deep need to WOW people. Do you want to know the question that you could ask me that would make me be your best friend forever and bring you your favorite ice-cream whenever you wanted?

“Colleen, tell me everything you did today from the second you woke up”.

I would begin that answer with “Well, I woke up at 3:45 (just like I do every morning….”

I know, I know… you are so  “wowed” by me right now, aren’t you? You are thinking to yourself, “Wow! 3:45 A.M!!!? She must be so accomplished!  So productive! I wish I could just sit at her feet in adoration and lean into her amazingness!”

Oh gosh. Stop. Really. No.

Years ago I was invited to speak at a Home School Convention. When the Event Coordinator told me the topic I was speaking on, my soul literally lit up and I longed to hop through my computer and hug her. My topic? ‘The day in the life of a Homeschooling Family.’ A chance to talk about all I DO in a day? Be still my quaking heart. I couldn’t wait to wow my audience with the incredibleness of “me” (ahem, I mean my family) and my long list of daily accomplishments (I mean, our accomplishments).   And let me tell you, “wowed” they were. The audience was silent as they soaked up all the wisdom I imparted…”After I lined up all 5 girls and gave them beautiful haircuts, I then taught them how to knit socks for the elderly, how to make light, airy croissants (to feed the homeless of course) and how to do long division in their head. Later, while they were all sitting quietly at the kitchen table learning Japanese, I redid my kitchen cabinets, wrote an article for the local newspaper and ran 6 miles…”

I mean, it’s true, you are right. I never actually touched on how the girls managed their schedules or what curriculum we used-or really talked about anyone in our family besides ME. But I could just tell the audience didn’t mind. They were in awe. They were wowed. One could say mesmerized even. 

I was never invited back though, which is really, really odd.

Our church is going through an incredible series right now titled “How to get what you really want”. If you are interested, you can check it out here. It’s a good one that leaves me challenged. I apologize for the spoiler alert, but the bottom line is- to get what we really want, we have to know what we really value.

Oh, I know what I want-I want to WOW. I want you, and everyone actually-the whole big world!-to walk away from time spent with me thinking to yourself “Wow. Colleen is amazing. She is so accomplished. Her to-do list is long and incredible and she somehow does it all. She just does,does,does….”

But what is really going on here? What is it that I value? Is it respect? Admiration? Accomplishment?

Or at the end of the day, do I really just value grabbing my favorite clicky pencil and crossing things off my coveted, adored to-do list?

And really Colleen, ask yourself this-is a to-do list even something of value? It’s an index card that costs like $1.00 for a hundred of them. I throw it away at the end of every day-after making sure every item has the squiggly line that I love so much, running through it, of course.

So, I am left with this- I know what I want, I want WOW. But do I know what I really want? Because to know what I really want, I have to know what I value.

So, what do I value? What do I really, truly value?

It’s a good question. One that I don’t yet have the answer to. But I want to.

Girl, you’ve got some serious soul searching to do. I better write that on tomorrow’s to-do list.

(I bet you did not see that surprise ending coming, did you? It’s ok if you want to do a little eye roll)