We hunt for the unique, so you don't have to


901 6th Street in Clarkston WA
Hours: Wednesday-Friday 10:00-4:00
Saturday 10:00-3:00


WE work hard to fill our little corner shop with the unique.

When we go to Market, we search out home decor and gifts that make us smile. We partner with incredible and talented local makers. We re-purpose with purpose. We scour for the vintage. We surround ourselves with the incredible. The thrill of the hunt makes us smile.

And we are good at it. 

To free you up to do the things that you are good at. 
Stop by and take a peek for yourself.


We believe in home

Home should be our favorite place. Surrounded by friends and family and items that we love. Unique items that tell a story of what is important to us.


We believe in community

Why do we hand pour our candles into recycled tins? Because we like to. We believe in second stories.  Every time you purchase a Tin Can Candle, you give a grocery store tin can another story. And better still? It's contents. 


We believe in together

Celebrating and partnering with talented artists makes us happy.  We love the stories behind  re-purposed and hand-crafted and the talented artists who design them.